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Carpal tunnel syndrome happens once the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, becomes ironed or squeezed at the wrist joint. Read more…

De Quervain’s tendinosis happens once the tendons round the base of the thumb are irritated or constricted. Read more…

Osteoarthritis will have an effect on joints in any a part of the body, as well as thefingers. Finger degenerative joint disease could be a common condition among postmenopausal ladies. Read more…

Heberden’s Nodes Are a Clinical Sign of Osteoarthritis. Visible signs of osteoarthritis (OA) are an important element when the disease is being diagnosed. Diagnosis of other types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, often relies more heavily on laboratory tests. Read more…

The term mallet finger has long been accustomed describe the deformity made by disruption of the terminal extensor muscle mechanism at the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint it’s the foremost common closed connective tissue injury seen in athletes, though it’s additionally common in nonathletes once “innocent” trauma. Read more…

A trigger finger does not straighten easily. The cause is not clear. It sometimes settles and goes away without treatment. an injection of steroid can usually cure the problem. A little operation is needed in a very small number of cases. Read more…

Ganglion cysts are the most common mass or lump in the hand. They are not cancerous and, in most cases, are harmless. They occur in various locations, but most frequently develop on the back of the wrist. Read more…

Dr-Chong-Kian-ChunDr Chong Kian Chun
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Medical Director, Island Orthopaedic Consultants
Special Interest in Arthroscopic Knee, Shoulder and Hip Surgery, Sports Injury

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Dr-Derrick-OhDr Derrick Oh Chia Chiang
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Special Interest in Arthroscopic Knee and Shoulder Surgery, Sports Injury

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Leon-Foo-New-124xxxDr Leon Foo
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Special interests in hip, knee & shoulder problems, sports injuries, arthritis, bone & soft tissue tumours

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